Election Cover: The 2020 Presidential Elections (The First Dem Debate) (A Look at the Candidates)

July 23, 2019

Robert Mueller having agreed to testify in front of the Congress sooner next week impasse highlights the probable bleak-point in the Trump presidency. The media favorite, Sen. Elizabeth Warren running for the 2020 Elections stressed for common and intentful action against Russian involvement in the Trump campaign earlier this year. The Mueller report is another topic of subtle importance in this election and will be discussed further in the upcoming editions.

Before plummeting into the specifics of the first debate, a brief of the most important of the twenty running candidates:

1. Senator Elizabeth Warren:
              A Senator from Massachusetts is currently the front-runner for the Democratic nomination surpassing the old favourite Joe Biden, thanks to Kamala Harris. She has vocalised the need for the complete abolition of private insurance and immediate promoting of government medicare. She had also stressed on the necessity to impose a wealth tax and is regarded a champion for the cause of climate change (sorry, climate crisis).

Throughout the course of the first debate she appeared confident outspoken and tacky. She conveyed her message swiftly and was the only front-runner alongside Kirsten Gillibrand in the First night of the Dem-debate to support the abolition of Private Medical insurance.

2. Kamala Harris:
              Former Attorney General of California and now Senator from California took forward leaps in advancing as a primary contender in the Miami DemDebate. She was clear, concise and used the podium to put-across the most presidential form of public-speaking for the audience. Her "food in the table" remark was received with much aduration from the people and netizens. She crushed Joe Biden on the 'busing' issue and was depicted the clear winner of the 2nd Night's debate.

             The Senator has to yet provide a comprehensive plan for the medicare plan and clear her stance on abolition of private insurance. Bernie Sanders and Kamala were the only two who vocalised the need for the abolition of private insurance in the second debate. But has at many times co-sponsored less severe bills that are not in favour of complete abolition of the Medicare program. Post the second night and her 'black-race' speech, birtherism has begun to haunt her and furthermore a racist campaign is actively taking shape.

Well these two are clearly my favorites, both dynamic and confident women who perfectly resonate the people's voices. Both have completely negated any possible Corporate PAC funding and are running a very professional and leftier-than-usual campaign for the Democrats.

3. Bernie Sanders:
            The First openly Socialist-Democratic front-runner in the History of the Democratic party. His speech vehemently focussed on Medicare-for-all, a fight against the Fossil Fuel Majors, a rejig of powerful corporations and the reorganisation of capitalism in the country. Bernie Sanders has clearly set open the democratic agenda and is seen pushing the party into a more leftist trap which might improve Trump's chances for a re-election (further leftward from where Bill Clinton left for as the New Democrats).

The Democratic Debate saw a shift in the overall democratic agenda, he lost the debate but won the agenda setting. He has resonated amongst the far left of the populace. Bernie has risen above conventional democrats. He has altered the narrative and now sets the standard higher for his partymen.

4. Julian Castro:
              Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is the only hispanic who might lead the country. He clearly won the first debate and solely stood out on the issue of immigration and key policy arguments. Julian who was virtually out of the race before the first Dem Debate has now confirmed his slot and is now emerging as a serious contender for the nominations.

Technically these few are the top contenders and likely primary winners for the next round. Hope this brief up works for the next debate. I will be provide a more detailed analysis of the next debate as the current debate only revolved around a few core issues and now having seen who the foremost contenders are, we can hope for a better debating standard from across.

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