North Korea and Party: Kim Jong Fun?

North Korea.

Please do not confuse it with The Gangnam Style song location. This place is certainly not busy with creating a new pop trend.

The people of this place aren't exactly concerned with World Domination. Of course not. They have better ideas lingering along achieving Universal Domination.

Which is truly terrifying yet speculative when one thinks about the truth of the situation. North Korea has always been that mystery which everyone doesn't seem to be able to solve but yet cannot ignore because, damn it, it is really interesting. And not to mention, very scary.

North Korea is that person in your friends circle who you can never seem to figure out. You would never know if they were going to give you a cookie or cut off your tongue and thrust salt into your mouth.

North Korea had been a wild card ever since the beginning. Despite having at least 1% of its population dying every year due to poverty and famine and being seriously impoverished, it cannot be dismissed.

So let's ask the obvious question; Why is North Korea such a big deal?

Here's the beginning. And stuff.

The state of North Korea had only been officially established after the end of World War II. Japan had Korea colonized during the time and when the war had concluded, it fell. Korea, in the process, got divided with the USSR taking over the northern part and the south of the country being supported by the US.

Really, it is just a small little place beneath China and above South Korea. Just a void of blackness between the two bright places of the world.

Sure. Completely normal.

Until today, North Korea seems to be the last face of the Soviet style communism, or rather, the Japanese fascist and superiority exhibitance . We here at Aadhimarg have arrived at this simple conclusion through extensive research by our colleagues at Aadhimarg , which is a point to note.

Aadhimarg's view on Korean History:

After the collapse of the Soviet Union. North Korea became a little world in itself. North Korea stopped getting its subsidies and it monetary and financial support and was forced to face the world for its sustenance.

Kim Jong-Il, in an attempt to save his country, brought about a policy called the 'Songun' with the catchphrase 'Military First - Politics', which is, even today, a very efficient one. Almost all North Koreans are convinced by this policy which tells them that they are always at war. So the citizens do seem to accept the policy and surrender themselves to this rule giving up most of their commodities and resources for the government and the military.

To be fair, they aren't given a choice of this and rather acquiesce. So the next time that your mother asks you what would your preference for dinner be.....

North Korea seems to always be at way, regardless of what situation the outside world is. Especially their beef with South Korea, both staking claim of the peninsula.

These two have always been at war with each other with intense hate being grovelled in the northern state. South Korea is literally known in North Korea as 'The Sworn Enemy of the Korean People.' Only in 1953, there was a ceasefire, which brought about some middle ground to the situation, having a distinct De - Militarized Zone (DMZ). Unfortunately, there was no peace treaty signed, so they're still at war.

This DMZ continues to be one of the most dangerous borders ever. Often called 'Peace Village' for its acceptance, most have it altered to 'Propaganda Village.' This place offers a huge vantage point to conquer for both the sides of North Korea.

And you thought your sibling was bad when it came to getting what they wanted.

But North Korea accepts its fate as everyone agrees to the rule. This went on to the extent that when Kim Jong-Il had passed in 2011, at least 90% of the public was on the streets sobbing and mourning the death of their leader. And most of it was not fake.

Here Comes Our Hero

So true devotion and complete acceptance of their leader, which is one of the key aspects of being a citizen is one of its rules of the constitution. Their leaders are worshipped as a sight of the supreme power of nature themselves and any defiance is dealt with in suitable ways.

Of seventy years of leadership, three generations of the same family have established their rule over the country. Here's a fun fact; all of them were dictators.

Kim Il Sung was the first of its dictator rulership when he took over on the policy of 'juche' or 'self reliance' by cutting off all ties, economically and diplomatically, that North Korea had with all other countries, opting to sustain itself with its own minimal resources, whatever be the cost. It was successful, making its people to accept the rule and the policy and took it up upon themselves when the famine struck during Kim Jong-Il's rule. North Korea had no access to know the state of the world when they were dying in their own fields stuck with their barely replenishing resources and economy. Forcing themselves to brave through, assuming that all the countries across the world were undergoing a similar condition, which was never the case.

As much as one would like to deny it, it proved to be beneficial for them. Their lack of knowledge about how well the world was doing, compared to their impoverished state, helped them sustain in the country.

Kim Jong-Un took over the government after the death of his father and their leader Kim Jong-Il and is proclaimed as the 'Supreme Leader' ever since. And though he is considered to be more progressive, some view him as to be a long way away from actual progression.

Kim Jong-Un

I can assure you that I am not kidding. He is their deified kid leader. 

Now that the facts have been established, the gory details of the actual ruling, though, shrouded in mystery and kept strictly under wraps for reasons of protection of its people, North Korea doesn't give much away, having its rumors debunked or ignored far too much.

Going into a bit of detail with its current leader, Kim Jong-Un, there is quite some controversial material to choose from.

Kim Jong-Un is certainly a chip off the old block when it comes to ruling his country. Under his power, we do see a lot of impressive and petrifying feats.

North Korea has always had a question mark blinking in front when we talk about its nuclear programs. In spite of being banned by the the United Nations to manufacture and actively develop nuclear technology, North Korea has issued multiple threats against the United States of America and many of the latter's allies, taking in Japan and South Korea into account.  Nobody really bothered much about North Korea, having quite a small population and landmass to actually pose as a threat but its proficiency in weapons of mass destruction beg to tell a different story.

Having the United States being directly in the line of fire led to the world having to talk about it as a matter of extreme importance, considering that it is the current superpower. As far as suppositions go, North Korea has been homing a missile that could reach the mainland of the United States.

India is not exactly in the safe zone either, having its entirety enveloped by one of the missile ranges. Scared yet?

Missile History of the Korean SuperGuard

Inter - Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM), maybe not as popular as the paintball, nerf or laser guns are, prove to be an integral part of the extensive weaponry as displayed in the parade that North Korea had displayed for the world to watch. Their popularity is not very high amongst the youth but the destruction is certainly more than the bruise that you get on having yourself hit by any of the latter. And by destructive, we are talking about countries getting razed to the earth.

These missiles were the same big guns used extensively by USA and Russia during The Cold War, having the potential to cross continents on their own and nuke the enemies.

As much as I want to keep this article breezy and smooth, nuclear weaponry is NOT a joke children. So yeah, don't touch it.

North Korea has been working on one of its own, Taepodong II, just more powerful that the rest since 2006.

This missile is said to be of long range, specifically designed for the USA.

However, it doesn't work. As far as we are aware of the information broadcast to the public.

They have enough of short range and medium range missiles which usually carry a nuclear bomb when they are sent to air, but they haven't quite yet perfected the art of making a long range one. Yet.

Which, by the way, is four missiles in one.

The missile is said to be of four parts, having three used to project it out of the atmosphere to travel to the target or destination. And the last part is to favor the re-entry.

Ever since 2009, this testing has been going on, with North Korea having tested it five times already.

And it worked. Twice.

North Korea had a failed nuclear test in 2012, but the very next year, they were back with a more successful and devastating one.

However, none of the missiles survived the re-entry, meaning that the projection of the missile was successful. The re-entry was not.


So far, the missiles haven't been perfected and according to the DIA, they mostly will not have one ready until 2027. But North Korea do seem to be done with the hard part which is making a bomb small enough to fit at the head, efficient and comfortable to fire. So there's that.

But North Korea did conduct a nuclear tests which it claimed as having the Hydrogen bomb in its possession. Most countries have doubted this claim and the extent of truth remain unknown until today. All that we do know is that North Korea has an arsenal of weapons. And none of us know how big it is.

However the fact of how they do manage to sustain themselves is truly a mystery. The heavy international sanctions from the UN do not exactly cover all the funds spent on the weaponry that North Korea does have enough for its citizens welfare. North Korea always seems to be under poverty, at any point of its timeline, barely allowing its commoners to exist while the militants are tended. They always seem to have gulags, prison camps and famines at different parts of the country that it is quite hard to keep count. However it is also a fact that most North Koreans who leave the country, willingly come back to their impoverished homeland, and admit to not wanting to be anywhere else.

And everyone thought that Captain America was patriotic.

The Korean Economy

North Korea has one of the lowest GDP's per person in the world amounting to only $1,800 (1 lakh in Indian money) per year, according to the CIA factbook in 2014. Its counterpart, South Korea has nearly $36,900 (24 lakhs in Indian money).

But most of North Korea's income is through trading with China. Having most of its sanctions cut off by the USA, North Korea solely relies on its trade with China for its income.

And the USA has been requesting China to cut off the trade relations to stop North Korea to keep manufacturing the weapons, by severing monetary ties. This way, the USA which has one of the largest nuclear arsenal at the moment could have a potential chance to nuke North Korea as the latter has a good amount of allies ( South Korea and Japan) to attack if the funding continued.

But cutting the trade relations, North Korea would be forced into a lack of financial benefits, making it vulnerable to the USA and could risk having its weapons taken in or getting their earth salted.

Which is why North Korea is so hung up about getting its ICBM done as soon as possible. If that happened, it would actually be on par with the USA's arsenal of nuclear weaponry.

At that rate, USA is speculated to back off from South Korea and Japan allowing North Korea to take over and develop them into nuclear weapon bases.

This mostly would lead to Nuclear Proliferation. Donald Trump did address this issue with his own policy.

As of now, only 9 countries in the world have access to nuclear weaponry and are allowed to develop them, India being a part. The rest of the 190 countries maintain a non-nuclear status. However if North Korea does manage to conquer Japan and South Korea, thus changing their status, it could possible put all the other countries in the same fate.

For now, North Korea does continue to show off its weapons and artillery and will continue to build its ICBM causing more widespread panic among the general human population. So the focus to get them under proper monitor and control does increase not only for the world but for the repercussions it will have on the world.

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