ll A revolution I suppose ll 2017 Aadhimarg Wrap-Up (Special issue)

December 24, 2017
Dear Readers,
            I genuinely do not know what to write, hence bear with me for some time. Please! xD. 2017 has been a year of great surprises, uprisings, and nuanced politics. But, we should all remember that our country is the world’s largest Democracy, striving to excel from the beginning of time immemorial. We have freedom, values and the highest virtue of Ahimsa (Non-Violence), but do they signify mistaken notions in our country? Are we subject to cruelty like non-democratic nations? The only answer to these questions is Media. 2017 has seen the rise of Media houses in tremendous leaps, ripples were created with the launch of Republic TV, and the growing number of Media houses has not only increased the variety and the number versions of the same news. It is demeaning to see Arnab blatantly supporting the BJP and also shameful in seeing left-wing news journals like The Hindu, News18, and NDTV always writing pieces of journals against every governmental decision. As a writer, I hope that the scope of Publishing news will change in upcoming years and continue to be eager in observing the real democracy within.

            HOPE: Every prudent person has lost confidence in the judiciary right after the 2G verdict, me being one amongst them. Public outcry, misery, and sorrow during the last few days of 2017 have created negative undulation amongst the people of our country. It was seen as the fall of democracy, the failure of Indian Judiciary and the complete upheaval of money and power concentrated amongst a select few. But, the very next day, with the judgment pronounced against Lalu Prasad Yadav was seen as a game changer, and the question here is, are we living in a real democracy? I am not a political pundit or a democratic emphasizer to judge the issue, but opinions are quite strong, and I leave it to you to decide.

300 subscribers, 10000+ views and more than Twenty Countries, Aadhimarg Group has grown by leaps and bounds. I request my esteemed readers to please subscribe to the newsletter and stay informed about all the posts. Yes, we thank you all for your continuous support. We started out as a small group, and now we have grown into a large society within, this tremendous growth is through the constant show of love you’ve been showering us all throughout the year and is just magnanimous. We Media sites are a small portion of players that help in the run-in to democracy, and I believe that even after 70 years of freedom we still have the courage, strength, valor, and power to retain the same. We Indians have the most excellent show of force, Ahimsa which was laid down by the Mahatma himself and I consider it to be the exact answer to virtuosity and self-righteousness. We should abstain from being a hypocrite and contribute to the growth of our society. India is existent due to diversity, and diverse nations are divided by mere state boundaries, but in heart, we are all brothers and sisters. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari we’ve shown the world that religious tolerance is possible, set an example as to how unity in diversity is not a mere aphorism and reached the zenith of proving that India is the epitome of the term ‘democracy.’ Wish you all a Happy New Year! 

Yours Loving,
Team Aadhimarg. 
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