Self -Styled Godman Gurmeet Singh

August 27, 2017
Waves of violence unleashed by the supporters of self- styled godman and founder of Dera Sacha Sauda sect Gurmeet Rahim Singh following his conviction in a rape case across the states of Haryana, Punjab and New Delhi, leading to several human casualties and destruction of public properties is despicable.

 Rather than having taken precautionary measures such as imposing curfew by invoking right provisions of Section 144 of Cr.PC( Criminal Procedure Code) in Panchula and other areas, Haryana government had let the followers of Gurmeet Rahim Singh to assemble in large numbers in the run up to the delivery of the verdict by the CBI court in Panchula and paved the way for emergence of mayhem on the ground. As a spiritual guru, Gurmeet Rahim Singh should have advised and restrained his followers from going on the rampage. Those who have unleashed arson should be taken to task and never be allowed go scot-free.

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