Musings of a coffee table writer… - By Madhu Nallaswamy

August 26, 2017

The rain is patting across the glass doors. My gaze is transfixed by the movement of raindrops from the upper rail to the lower one, like a slow hypnotizing dance. Are these drops meant to fall here, or they just fall. Am I meant to be here, or I am just here. Slow music plays,“Dust in the wind… all we are is just dust in the wind…”  Caught in a world, where everything is changing every passing moment, but everyday looking like the same day, I am searching. Never knowing whether the quest is for answers or questions.

 What is reality; what is illusion?  We think we know some answers, some persons, some places, do we really do? Are they just our perceptions of those things, persons and places at the particular moments, hours or days?

Staying hundreds of miles from home, small things like a filter coffee, a passer-by talking in your mother tongue or even a car similar to your dad’s, fills you with a sudden warmth. May be that’s the same reason why my eyes scan for a copy of ‘The Hindu’ every day in the library. It reminds me of the mornings which are insignificant but never enough. The mornings filled with mom hurrying across the kitchen, brother bustling in after his workout and dad trying to decode ‘The Hindu’. Reminiscing, I engross myself with the newspaper. Something caught my attention. NEET ordinance and Tamil Nadu. “NEET destroys the dreams of deserving village kids, who can’t afford for expensive coaching.” “How can it be exempted from just Tamil Nadu when it’s for the entire country” “Exemption for the present year could be made” “What about the people who cleared this year?” “Will the village kids clear next year?” Opinions and statements everywhere. Does all these resonate a genuine concern for the kids or it’s just a reflection of political duress and drama. I wonder. Every coin has two sides.

The rain stops and gives way to the sun behind the clouds. Today’s present becomes tomorrow’s past. Then why are we playing a game that’s so false. Why can’t we all love and just be loved? Haha...then what’s the difference between humans and gods? Imperfection is what human race is destined for…Perfection is what human race is always searching for...

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