August 05, 2017
As the alarm rings once again, I finally decide that it’s time to get up. I have 15 minutes to get myself dusted up and look presentable to attend college. Everything happens in a rush, but guess what, I still managed to pull it off just like the other days. Skipping breakfast, I run as fast as my legs could to attend class. Reaches college, hurries through flights of stairs and finally manages to enter the class just before the professor closes the door. *Thank god, got to find a decent place to sit*.

Listens to an hour of pathology, most of the stuff flying over my head, I try really hard though. Its time finally, to go attend postings. Okay, so about postings, it’s one of my favorite part of medical school, because we get to see patients, of all kinds, ranging from a simple upper respiratory tract infection to what not. Neurology interests me a lot. How can a freaking hemorrhage in the brain lead to paralysis of one half of the body, I mean just how?

I’m just a fifth semester student, which equals to me not knowing even 1/4th of what an MBBS graduate knows. During postings, we get shouted at “a lot”, but most of the times it’s just us lazing around the hospital trying to find new cases and searching for the PG’s to correct our mistakes and also for attendance. Yeah, I got to see a patient of SBP (sub acute bacterial peritonitis), due to chronic alcoholic liver disease today. Taking a history of a patient is as important as prescribing medications. Even the simplest stuff one gets out of taking history may lead to massive changes in the diagnosis.
Yay, I get one and a half an hour break to have my lunch, have some rest and to study something for my practical. I finish my lunch, which was completely ordinary. I rush to my room, I’ve been standing for almost three hours during posting, I know I have a high chance of getting deep vein thrombosis. I finally lie down and guess what the time is, 1.30 which means I have only half an hour left.

Reaching college, I realize that the day has almost come to an end. Kind of happy, I run up to the laboratory only to realize I have stool examination. It takes time to get used to touching urine and stool samples, but this was only my second class, I still try and finish it as soon as possible. Come on, I have basketball practice, how can I be late?

I enter the court after ten rounds of jogging. This is like my energy booster, the only way to release all the stress. I’m a really weak hearted person, I cry when I see patients suffering in pain, sports is like the only way to forget the world of sorrow. Sweat flowing through my brows, my face flushed red, I could feel the heat radiating out of my body. I loved playing this game. The preciseness of the aim of a shooter is just mesmerising.

On the way back to the hostel, I could feel the cool breeze hitting my face. Sounds of the traffic seemed very distant as my mind was already tracing my study schedule. The next thing I remember was my legs dipped in hot water to soothe the muscular pain. I get ready, have dinner and sit down on my table to just sort out the various stuffs I had to do. Time passes away slowly as I open my books, flip through pages, check my phone and on and on. Once again I sleep late and the same routine continues.

I have full days on Saturdays and Sundays are not so different, go to the hospital, take cases to present on Monday, get prepared for the week and at times go out for dinner. I do all this when rest of the world is partying, sleeping, spending their time travelling. Why do I do it? Is it to earn better? Is it to kill patients? Is it to just wind away time? No. Certainly not. I do this every day to be a better person in the society, to be a better doctor, to treat patients earnestly, to be a person who is respected. What do I get in return? 

Beatings, sexual harassment, getting killed and what not.

If the doctor makes a mistake, there is no harm in complaining to a higher authority. Who gives the patients right to thrash a doctor? Which law states that a patient’s party can brutally murder a doctor? Which country gives permission to sexually harass a doctor? Is the Indian political system to be questioned or is it the doctors who are to be put in jeopardy?

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