A quintessential Law phrontistery : Day 4, August 04 2017

August 05, 2017
So I was up late today…my alarm didn’t work. So I just finished my chores and hurried to class. I was already feeling nauseous.

So I got to class on time and the professor, Chetan Sinha who teaches PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT was already there. I grabbed a chair and was feeling drowsy already….you know those weekend class vibes right?? Then, the professor surprisingly asked us to categorise ourselves into groups of five and shot a few questions at us which we apparently had to answer as a presentation . So Mr. Sinha asked each group a name, a slogan and a group colour which was put under a lot of consideration by everyone . We had nine groups in all and all of the groups were pretty pumped up about their very first presentation at JGLS. To name of few groups: The Sleepwalkers, The Gold diggers, The Biryani Management etc. The Biryani Management guys were pretty good. They struck a chord with the rest of the class and eventually everybody was in splits by the end of their presentation keeping aside the fact that their presentation was pretty cool. Breakfast was to be scrutinised now. We did not have our breakfast for the class started at 8.00 AM . We wanted to leave early , half an hour early , we cajoled him with promises and fiduciary relations       YEAH MAN , he let us ! We guys went downstairs had a small gossip.When we went to have our food, the Dining Hall was closed, we had to fill our tummy. We grabbed ourselves some food and then left for our hostel rooms and dozed off….
Sourav Reddy, I will be scripting today's edition and I will be contributing more.

Our second class was cancelled, for our Business Math teacher was on his holiday touring the world, Probably .

Soon, I woke up at around 3 pm after a tight sleep and then went to the academic block and had some snacks before all of us went to go play pool. It was an awesome game and then I went to the football field to catch up with some soccer. There’s this senior called Shetty who plays like a pro. Then I went back to the room at 8 pm and took a shower. Slow and steady I got onto my bed and watched an episode of GOT before I dozed off. This was how the fourth day passed on. Tomorrow I will be doing some assignments , case law readings , for Saturdays and Sundays are holidays for us.

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