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July 07, 2017

North Korean Ballistics (An Aadhimarg Special)

 The successful testing of Inter continental ballistic missile(ICBM) by North Korea which is capable of striking Alaska in United States is a worrisome development, warranting a pragmatic approach from Unites States and its allies to ensure it does in no way lead to prolonged military confrontation on the ground. Kim Jong- Un, the Supreme leader of North Korea has now demonstrated it to the world that crippling economic sanctions aimed at the international isolation of his country could hardly deter it from developing weapons of mass destruction in detriment to peace and stability of Korean peninsula. .It is time United States kick start the process of direct negotiations with a defiant North Korean regime for it holds the key to restore peace in the otherwise volatile Korean peninsula.

Communal Problems in a Democracy

Stirring up the communal cauldron for petty political gains is a bane of Indian polity. Violence and bloodshed which now  ravages the parts of  North Paragana district in the state of West Bengal after a derogatory Facebook post offending a religion is a cause of greater concern. Communal blood bath during the Indo- Pakistan partition in Calcutta had offered a lesson for parties such as Congress and Left in West Bengal and desisted them from  using religion as a tool to mobilise cadres. But things have changed after BJP and Trinamool becoming major players in the political landscape of the state. Rather than taking concrete steps to defuse communal tensions and restore normalcy, both BJP and ruling Trinamool now seems busy in upping the ante. Sustained efforts towards the end of protecting and preserving  fragile social fabric and communal peace of West Bengal is the need of hour.

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