The Haqqani Network: A $350 Million Blockade for Pak

July 22, 2017
               The recent blockade of 350 Million Dollars to Pakistan as military reimbursement by the Trump Administration has caused a havoc in the global arena. Jim Mattis , the Defence Secretary of the United States came down hard at Pakistan for not taking stringent measures in preventing the surge of terrorism against the NATO led forces. The question here is, will USA remove the Non-NATO ally status given earlier to Pakistan for not acting with stewardship in fighting the wrongs? We will be discussing about this issue in the following article. Read my earlier blogs about Pakistan: Click Here . Read My views on Trump: Click Here

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Shariff 

Non-Aligned Movement: An apolitical move:

The earlier years of freedom was indeed in semblance with the movement of the Inuit people in the regions of Canada. We wretched , made headway and indeed blossomed an anti-english sentiment particularly against the US and UK. Thus forcing the then Prime Minister , Nehru to take a tougher stand against the two, but in conflicting terms was his hatred against the Communist regime of USSR, together forcing him to form the Non-Aligned Movement or simply NAM. This movement focussed in maintaining good relations with both the superpowers and not to lean towards the either’s side. But the first India Pakistan war, when Pakistan joined hands with USA in open hearts forced India to culminate a resonating relationship with the USSR so as to oppose the growing spree of menace created by Pakistan during the war, after which she lost badly crowning India with the victory of the first war after Independence . Politically Mr. Nehru had won but intuitively he had lost the war for having joined with USSR. This fostered relationship with USSR during the cold war , forced  the US to ad lib its relations with Pakistan , aggrandising its ties with the country and accepting Pakistan’s adjuration to instate it as a NON-NATO ally. But Donald Trump being an anti-Islamic politician has differentiated himself from the former presidents and has taken different strides in punishing the fugitives . His sturdy stance against Radical Islamic Terrorism has coerced him to discipline the erroneous developments . 

Haqqani Network : The Parent Organisation of Al Qaeda:
            Haqqani network , is an Islamic fundamentalist group operating under cover in Afghanistan and Iraq against the NATO led allies. This network was nurtured by the Central Intelligence Agency of USA and by the Inter Services Agency of Pakistan in the mid 1970s to fight the Soviet wars in Afghanistan. The network has now started stinging its own mother, USA and its allies in the recent fights against Terror. It is noteworthy to jot down the poignant fact that Abdullah Azzam and Osama Bin Laden began their careers as 
The announcement made by The Pentagon by Adam Stump

volunteers for Haqqani network to fight the Soviets. And Haqqani network had earlier helped the escape of Bin Laden and other Islamic Militants. In September 2012, The Obama administration labelled the network as a foreign terrorist organisation. Soon enough the Haqqani joined hands with Taliban and Al Qaeda to become a pinnacle of resurgence against NATO. 

Pakistan and Haqqani , A surreptitious Relationship:
      The authors at Aadhimarg group indeed had tough time in imbibing the real relation which the entities (Pakistan and Haqqani Network) maintained and through tougher analysis we did find an interesting notch up the hatchet. The two were earlier strategic partners at one’s behest but currently are facing a backlash. The US government has constantly been against the network after the end of Soviet war in Afghanistan. But to keep the water flowing Pakistan had to train militants to Guerrilla War against the Afghans . In the year of 2008 when Haqqani terrorists entered the Indian Embassy in Kabul and claimed 50 lives , India fought hard to name this an International Terrorist Organisation and was successful only after a field play of four draconian years.
This network was and is funded by wealthy players , Shia clerics and from the ISI of Pakistan. The Pakistani government has distanced itself from the terrorist network but the Pakistan Army has continuously aided the development of Haqqani network. This is the pivotal reason for the Trump administration to take up the issue with impetus and order the blockade of 350 million Dollars to Pakistan. “The funds could not be released to the Government of Pakistan at this time because the secretary could not certify that Pakistan has taken sufficient action against the Haqqani Network per the requirement in the FY 2016 National Defence Authorisation Act,” Adam Stump, a Pentagon spokesman, mentioned. Now the true plight of this 350 million dollars is at stake which would help India to buoy up itself in the Sub-Asian region.  

       From the above article we can always be sure that the old goodie friend of Pakistan is no more the same and this issue can keep nudging the country to solve the enigma and compelling the self to improve relations with USA. The current trends show that the US government will promptly remove the non-NATO ally status from the non-secular Islamic state, which would definitely be of positive vibe for India and particularly for Modi’s political ambitions in retaining power in the Centre . Please share your views and also submit articles for Aadhimarg : Click Here. Help us in building a true Collective Writing Forum or simply Aadhimarg . Thank You 

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