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July 31, 2017
The Vande Mataram Plight:
Against The Ruling (Mr. Jeyaram, Author, Aadhimarg Group):

 The ruling of Madras High Court that the national song' Vande Mataram' must be sung in all the schools and colleges and in government and private enterprises once in a week and once in a month respectively has received bouquets and brickbats in equal measure. In a mature and confident democracy like ours, citizens cannot be coerced to display an ostentatious and ritualised display of patriotism in a prescribed manner. While citizens in a democratic framework have the onus to accord respect to emblems and artefacts representing their nations, they should be given enough freedom to express their  love, respect and admiration for their country in their own and desired manner. As the protector of individual liberties, judiciary should restrain itself from prescribing patriotic herd behaviour for its free citizens. But then we have already patriotic denizens who do possess a much harder feel of pride and sincerity .
The Bharat Mata depicted by the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak

Malimath Committee and Section 498A 0f IPC (Mr. Jeyaram):
In the backdrop of credible reports pointing to a blatant abuse of Section 498 A of India Penal Code that seeks to protect women from cruelty by the husband or his relatives involving newly married brides on the ground, the Supreme Court of India has issued fresh guidelines aimed at prohibiting immediate arrest of family members. In a country where violence and discrimination of several hues against women are being reported on a daily basis, stringent legal framework are vital to protect women from being ended as victims of violence. But as far as section 498A is concerned, the automatic assumption of guilt has made several innocent men to land up in jail  with  disgruntled wives in several cases found to be using the legal provision (Sec498A) as a weapon not as as shield to protect themselves from cruelty. It is time government accept the recommendations of the law commission and Justice Malimath committee for amending Section 498 A and made it a compoundable offence with the permission of court.. Once a offence is made compoundable, it will pave the way for conciliatory proceedings and out of court settlement. While retaining the existing progressive bias of wronged women in section 498A , care should be taken to ensure no innocent men be hauled up for wrong charges.

The Supreme Court of India

The Bihar Happening :

Mr. Nitish Kumar had resigned as the Chief Minister of Bihar only to be back in the saddle with a support extended by BJP against whom he forged a mega alliance comprising RJD and Congress and won a popular mandate in the last state assembly poll. Mr.Nitish Kumar's present volte- face, which did not spring any surprise had dealt a big blow to the  opposition's unity at the national level. As a man who put Bihar on the trajectory of rapid economic development and earned respect among the people of Bihar for his  unflinching commitment in providing corruption free governance, Nitish Kumar had left with no option than to take high moral ground following the emergence of corruption allegations against his then deputy Tejashwi Yadav of RJD and his blatant refusal to put in his papers..Dramatic turn of political events in Bihar is very much in tune with the dictum which says "In politics, there exist no permanent friends or foes, but exist only permanent interest.

The Chief Minister of Bihar with the Prime Minister and the ex-Governor of Bihar

Yash Pal An Author or a Legend? :

In the death of Professor Yash Pal, the country had lost an eminent scientist, educationist and institutional builder who played a pivotal role in instilling the values of scientific temper among wider sections of the society through his direct engagement with them. His popular science programme in Doordarshan titled' Turning Point' saw him explaining complex scientific concepts in a simpler way to the people and made Yash Pal a household name. Beginning his career as a professor in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, he went on to hold key position in several government organisations and left an indelible mark in them with his distinctive achievements. His contribution to the development of remote sensing technologies, study of cosmic rays

 and astrophysics is non-pareil. As an educationist, Yash Pal has not only waged an unrelenting battle  for ushering in reforms in Higher education system of of the country, but also changed the lives of many through his educational Interventions.

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