The Bihar Debacle: Saffron Surge Rues Bharath

July 28, 2017


               The Mahagatbandhan or the Grand Alliance which was viewed by revered luminaries to be an alternative for the NDA rule has stroked a serious setback after the recent resolution by the Bihar Chief Minister to quit the alliance and join hands with the BJP so as to reconcile terms with each other and soon head the government of Bihar. The new government will once again stand on the avowed principles of Hindutva and right wing protectionism . This article will discuss about this issue . Please read and Review . Visit to submit reviews and suggestions.

The Grand Alliance: 

           Forged on the 7th of June 2017 the Grand Alliance was formed with the culmination of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) headed by Lalu Prasad Yadav , Janata Dal (United) headed by Nitish Kumar and Congress headed by Ashok Chaudhary. The two polarite groups (RJD and JDU) who were attributed to the BJP in one side and the Congress on the other in the national arena. The Grand Alliance was attributed to be the force which can destroy the rising surge of BJP in the national level.

The Earlier Proposed Grand Alliance

The Alliance had secured 178 seats with 41.9% of the vote share together pushing BJP to the second place, securing 58 seats with 34.1% of the total vote share. But in fact the BJP increased its vote share from 24.40% to the current level. But the question here is , why this increase in vote share did not have any effect on the seats? The reason was simple for it was the vote matrix which worked in favour of the Grand alliance. This shows that when more and more parties culminate together, which was seen as the earlier motto of this alliance, there is a better prospectus by the others to win. But this will have a farther affectation on the 2019 elections.

2019 Election Preview:

                          Modi and his political ideology has gained an edge over the recent happenings in the state of Bihar.  When the prominent political analyst Mr.Ramachandra Guha had suggested the face of Mr.Nitish Kumar to be an alternative against the NDA rule. The opposition is now left with no proper face yet. The Indian sub-continent has already started gearing up for the 2019 elections which seems to be a cakewalk for the Modi government . The vote share will definitely improve over the time. With proper analysis we can derive at the conclusion that NDA will be soon forming the government with much ease and propriety for it now has support from many of the few.
Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar during the Prime Minister's visit.

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