The awakening of a new Epoch: Twenty First Century Political Poignancy (PART 2)

July 03, 2017
Leftism and Rightism are simply generalizations when it comes to politics, changing their views and ideologies based off of people's needs, expectations and wants. This does not exactly mean that if we find someone or if we are someone who doesn't fit either description with precision and accuracy, we are completely wrong. It just specifies that political ideas are complex and change over time.

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Which is why we need to view them critically as no person can be exactly branded as a complete leftist or a complete rightist. And this is just a spectrum.

And you thought trying to find out which hand was left or right at the age of 2 was tough.

Political leaders often like to play around with most ideas that they had initially had a vastly different opinion on, just to keep the ruling interesting.

So it isn't just your boyfriend and girlfriend who can do that to you.

This shift, as described in the earlier article, termed by the team as the 'Tectonic Political Shift' often occurs due to the views of the public differing with those of the government. This shift can be met with utmost popularity as in the case of the US Presidential Election or like in the French Presidential Election. Both had leaders with similar ideologies but the receptive audience made the difference, which leads us to conclude that the public plays a huge role in determining whether they accept either type of governance.

Amidst this confusion, we have a newbie called the centrist, which is the awkward friend stuck between the couple's argument.

But how does it work differently based off the audience?

Marine Le pen? More like Marine Le Bomb

Marine Le Pen is the Leader of the Front National Party in France, which recently lost out on its race by nearly 30%. She was a chip off the old block when she took over the Front National in 2011, after her father, Jean Marie Le Pen, who seemed to have far more conservationist ideas that she did. Marine Le Pen has been seen to be more progressive than her father in a few issues but other than those, she is truly 'Papa's Little Muffin'

Marine Le Pen has been viewed by many as a 'Far Right' candidate having adopted a racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic and anti-Globalization stance. However on actual analysis, she is more of a conservationist who seems to be 'Right -  Leaning' rather than 'Far Right'.

Her idea is pretty simple.

She talks about the accusation that all rightists seem to have on the leftists :  Adopting liberal policies would be on the grounds of denial of the fundamental policies on which the French Nation was founded which are regarded essential by the French People.

Buying into her claim as a fierce patriot, her only motive is to protect French Ideals. However, her ideas about the way to go about it is different.

France had often been accused for being a camaraderie in the Holocaust during Hitler's days but Marine and her father had quite varying opinions. The Le Pen family had almost always minimized the Holocaust and denied any guilt towards the happenings. The seemed to emphasize the point that they were not guilty even during the Vel d' Hiv roundup, which had been the gathering of Jews as that in a Nazi Concentration Camp. Her racist and xenophobic policies, Anti - Globalisation views, Anti - Immigration attempts and her attempt in bringing about a 'Frexit' truly appeal to her rightist sentiments. Her Islamist feudalism only contributed to the rightist objective, with her having banned Muslims from sporting their cultural appropriations (hijabs) to even public and state run schools. Marine looked towards banning it from the country but had to give in due to nearly 5 Million muslims, who were resident in France, had protested. Her Nice Attacks comments are truly rightist.

Her rightist sentiments were seen in the form of elevated Nationalist ideas during the 2015 refuge crisis where people from North Africa and the Middle East had fled to Europe. And France had accepted only a thin margin of all the people unto itself. Marine spoke out and called the government as one that was damaging the control by the low management of influx of immigrants. She refused to accept massive legal immigration.

However she isn't completely rightist either. Allowing feminism and being an advocate for pro-choice and gay friendly, she also had ideas open to capitalism. That is certainly not a rightist sentiment.

However, owing to her rightist majority outtake, Marine Le Pen wasn't exactly a die hard rightist but she's definitely on the wall.

Kim Jong Un knows to RULE. So he is Kim Jong - Done

North Korea is an amazing place. If you want a repressive state where only the nobles and elites are allowed to enjoy a life and oppress the normal citizens, stringent poverty issues and demanding military support fund, then HEY! North Korea is the place for you!

You get bonus and crazy Nuclear Weaponry too! How dope is that?!

Seriously, don't go here for your summer vacation. 

North Korea has been under the rule of the Kim family for nearly 70 years having run through three dictators. So that is Grampy Kim, Papa Kim and Baby Kim. 

North Korea's current dictator and deified baby faced leader, Kim Jong Un, truly follows in dear daddy's footsteps. He is a thorough dictator and a worshipped leader among the masses. This guy is the literal OBEY hoodie that you buy in person. 

North Korea is fiercely rightist. There is nothing 'left wing' in North Korea. Maybe with the exception of being free to grow marijuana and a few feminist ideas such as allowing women in the military, North Korea doesn't allow any room for centrist or leftist ideals. 

Considering Kim Jong Un's self proclaimed worthy leadership, it is often declared that Communism has been eradicated and that a more socialistic approach is used. However, it is certainly not a socialist state having  the Kim family as its nobility. Their 3 generation punishment system, communist poverty, religion limitation, holiday restrictions, clothing and hairstyling restrictions being limited to only 28 approved style and increased xenophobic ideals talk about the extreme cultural and rightist sentiments. The government of North Korea treats its people like a master might treat a slave. It inhabits one of the most extreme right aspects of the political spectrum. 

If you want to know more about "Mr. Baby face"  click here .

Isn't Xi lovely? China's Xi Jinping

China has always baffled other nations with its highly off kilter communist ideologies. Communism being a huge part of the leftist type of government has a lot of governance that seems very off. China is still the second largest economy in the world that isn't just due to the population. The Communist Party of China headed by Xi Jinping sets its countries to being very authoritarian. However, they do not allow any challenge to claim the heading as the existence of 8 other parties is used for the namesake. 

However, the cohesive legislation which helps in quick market trends, long term economic policies which regulate worker rights and the infamous corruption scandals do speak out on the leftist regime. Limitations do persist in the economy as political dissent is punishable and there is barely any press freedom. Which means that this article wouldn't exactly exist if I lived there. 

In spite of being strictly leftist, Xi Jinping manages to keep his country afloat in the seas having ships of democracy and dictatorship due to political compromises. It is quite similar to the kind of governance in North Korea. Even though North Korea is incredibly rightist. 

Surprisingly, Xi Jinping did allow capitalist adoption which is technically and entirely against the communist propaganda. 

Apart from this minor detail that is completely a game changer for China, Xi Jinping doesn't budge on his other leftist ideas. His ideas and contribution in the Global Developmental Funds, MIlitarian and Survival of One Party Dictatorship does work in his favor of being leftist. His views and acts as per Maoistic ideals beg to the left spectrum. 

In retrospect to the Indian system, we have a more rightist and a centrist approach which hasn't been seen in most countries. The Modi Government is just a milder form of that of Marine Le pen's government being just a bit more centrist than the rightist agenda that she favors. However, India has never been one to adopt North Korean regimes. North Korea is on a different trip altogether. But some of the Communist ideals had been shared by Indian Governance not too long ago during the time of Nehru. 

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