Shorts - STAND OFF AT TRi-Juncrion with Bhutan

June 03, 2017
Stand off between Indian and Chinese troops in tri- junction with Bhutan which shows no signs of abating with both the countries asserting their respective positions over the disputed borders has all the makings of being morphed in to full blown military confrontation until serious political efforts are ushered in to defuse the present crisis.India's concerns over the construction of road by Chinese military in the disputed territory over Dokhlam plateau in Bhutan has to be seen in the context of it ( India)sharing a special relationship with Bhutan since 1947 and the friendship treaty it signed in 2007 with an objective to protect the interests of Bhutan. Chinese assertiveness in the disputed borders is a matter of grave concern given its potential to wreak a havoc on the peace and tranquility with India. Bilateral relationship between the two countries has hit a new low in recent times with China turning a blind eye to India's legitimate apprehensions over the issue of terrorism emanating from its ally Pakistan and sovereignty issues relating to China's  ambitious belt and road initiative . Sustained diplomatic efforts from both the countries to put an end to the present stand off is the need of hour.
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