Shorts- Smartphone: Invention Or Destruction?

April 21, 2017

Smartphone has now become a ubiquitous phenomenon and started having a domineering effect on the lives of many. With people using smart phones for work, play,entertainment,education, information and paying pills, its effects will hardly be positive all the time. Smart phone addiction with its negative ramifications on people's physical and mental health has now become a stark reality to the concern of many. The news that a nine year old kid in Delhi had turned suicidal after being deprived of smartphone is not only saddening, but also underscores the imperative need to usher in a sustained awareness campaign about the productive use of smart phones on the ground. The desire for hyper connectivity  and its resultant compulsive attachment to gadgets cannot be taken lightly given its toll on one's health. The tendency of parents to perceive smartphones as  a substitute to toys is truly disconcerting. It is time concrete steps are taken  to ensure smartphone does not become a serious health issue.

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