Shorts- Venkaiah Naidu : A robust worker or a silent Vice President?

July 18, 2017

BJP's move to nominate one of its senior leader and Union Minister for Urban development Mr. Venkaiah Naidu who is a seasoned politician and commands respect among the parties across the political spectrum as its Vice- Presidential candidate against Mr. Gopal Krishna Gandhi, the choice of

 Opposition has made  the battle for vice Presidential poll more interesting.   The expectation of ruling dispensation at the centre that   Mr.Venkiahah Naidu with his  decade long experience as a MP will help it handle the matters better in Rajya Sabha if he were to be elected as the vice president cannot be faulted. Vice President is also the chairman of Rajya Sabha. Irrespective of his good credentials, Mr.Venkaiah Naidu stands more as a RSS cadre. At the time, pluralistic character of Indian society faces a grave threat from obscurantist elements owing allegiance to Hindutuva ideology, country needs an individual with an unflinching commitment to liberal and secular ideology to don the mantle of Vice president. Under these circumstances,  only Mr.Gopal Krishna Gandhi will make the ideal choice for the post of Vice President .

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