Shorts- Nawaz the Ex-Prime Minister of Pak

July 29, 2017
The disqualification of Nawaz Sharif from the post of Prime Minister by the Pakistan's Supreme court on charges of corruption has shown in unequivocal terms of it being a fledgling democracy where no civilian or democratically elected prime ministers have ever been allowed to complete their full term in office during its 70 years of independent history.Like one of its powerful establishment army which have been calling the shots over the matters concerning both its internal and external affairs and enjoys public backing as well, its top judiciary, the Supreme Court has emerged as an another powerful institution over the decades with its assertive judicial pronouncements with a potential to unseat those in power. In 2012, it disqualified then Prime minister Yousaf Raza Gillani for his blatant refusal to order an independent investigation in to the source of then President Asif Ali Zardari's income. Only time will tell whether the growing assertiveness of Pakistan's top judiciary augurs well for its democracy or not. With Nawaz Sharif 's Pakistan Muslim League enjoys comfortable majority in the National assembly, it will easily pick up the successor to Sharif and complete its remaining term in office. Unlike previous occasions, Pakistan army has not attempted anything to dislodge the civilian government this time. With the supreme court of Pakistan referring the corruption case against Nawaz Sharif  to National Accountability Bureau for further course of action,, his fate as one of country's  popular politician will hinge on its verdict. Any verdict convicting Nawaz from National Accountability Bureau will will spell a a doom to his political career and his party as well.

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