Shorts- DIG Roopa - Will Truth Triumph ?

July 19, 2017
The abrupt transfer of Deputy Inspector General of Police (Prisons) D.Roopa by the ruling Congress government in the state of Karnataka for shedding light on the special privileges accorded to Ms.Sasikala, the general secretary of AIADMK in Bengaluru Parapanagra Central Prison where she was lodged as a prisoner following her conviction in the asset disproportionate case is unfortunate. DIG Roopa's transfer is one more pointer to the imperative need to usher in a legal framework with an objective to protect an upright and honest officers from taking for a ride by the corrupted rulers.  That police force acts to the whims and fancies of the ruling political class is a stark reality and which explains their growing trust deficit among the citizens of the country. Whistle blowers like DIG Roopa deserves recognition and promotion and not abrupt transfers by the powers that be. Excessive political interference in the functioning of police force and its negative ramifications on the front of law and order could hardly be disputed on the ground.

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