Shorts- Modi 's take on cow vigilantes

June 06, 2017
Through his fiery rhetorics at regular intervals, Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have been reminding his unflinching commitment on delivering his promise of providing a corruption free governance and inclusive development to his countrymen, but obscurantist HINDU fundamentalist forces owing allegiance to ideology of hatred never fails to whip up communal passions to the detriment of peace and communal harmony in the country and thus putting brakes on Modi 's ambitious development agenda. At the time,cow vigilantes have now become law into themselves , unleashing violence and spread the reign of terror on innocent cattle traders, came the admonition from Prime minister Modi who categorically stated that killing humans in the name of devotion of cow is unacceptable. Though the condemnation of Modi targeting cow vigilantes is welcome, much needs to be done to ensure the hate crimes targeting minorities and Dalits  has come to end in  the country. An adoption of policy of zero - tolerance against those indulge in hate crimes along with a message from powers that be about their commitment in protecting the life, liberty and dignity of minorities is the need of hour.
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