Shorts- Mithali Raj: A brightspot in women's cricket?

March 14, 2017
In a country where men  cricketers are  being celebrated with much fanfare and worshipped as demi-gods, achievements of women cricketers would  hardly get the attention, recognition and appreciation it truly deserves on the ground. The  Indian women cricketer Mithali Raj who remained its dominant face for 19 years has now  become the first women to have scored 6000 runs in International cricket is truly awe- inspiring and merits glorification. That Mithali Raj had started playing international cricket at the age of 16  and carved out a niche for herself through her consistent improved performance in every innings she played while remaining an inspiring and mentoring  personality to her fellow team mates will stand as a great lesson for all the budding women cricketers in the country.With her stupendous achievements, Mithali Raj has now cemented her place as the most accomplished player in the world of women's cricket.

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