Modi Trump Meet : Bon Homie or mere gratitude?

June 28, 2017


This blog is written within a few hours after the conclusion of the world awaited MODI-TRUMP MEET. #moditrumpmeet and #modiinus were the two hashtags that were by far the top trending Hashtags in Twitter and Facebook for a prolonged period of 48 hours worldwide. The two leaders, who are acclaimed to be world leaders , also share the top two spots in Twitter and Facebook Followership, for any politician on earth. Well in this blog I will spill the beans about the two leaders, the thoughts they share, the administrative practices they posses and the ambiguous difference between them and about the very essence of this meet. All this is scripted with true analysis by the authors at Aadhimarg.

Prime Minister Modi with the US President Trump and the First Lady Mrs.Trump

Archaic Semblance(The Three R's):

1. Rightism:

The two leaders ante the elections possessed many sembling attributes. The most imperative one amongst them , is the show of full swung rightist beliefs between the two leaders. Trump being a republican focussed on improvised cultural integration and business innovation . The prime Minister of the fastest growing economy focussed on inducing the FDI inflows,he came up with the most awaited tax reform - the Goods and Service Tax, the Make in India campaign, the Jan Dhan Yojana and much more. These business friendly reforms show that both leaders are working much harder for improvised business optimism in their respective countries. The recent meet between the two global leaders show that the two nations will conflagrate socialists and sign deals to improve trade facilities amongst the two. The deterrence technology which the Indian nation shares with the U.S is vital for equating the deficit which the two nations share currently, Yes, economically the United states loses 24.38 Billion dollars a year in terms of trade deficit. This gap can only be filled with our Prime Minister focussing on increasing armed imports. 

The two constructive campaign slogans used by the two, namely, MAGA(Make America Great Again) by Mr.Trump and the term "Acche Din" (Arrival of Good Days) used mainly by Mr.Modi during the elections to win over the votes of the great nation. The show of strength and merit by the two supreme leaders is progressive show of business equanimity between the two companies. The two leaders used measures like isolation, terming extremism as a threat to the stability of the country to win the elections by and large. Yes, both of them are hardcore rightist believers.

2. High Decibel Rhetoric :

    The two leaders posses a large degree of high decibel campaign strategy. In the year of 2014, Modi had journeyed more than three lakh kilometers attending 437 rallies in a time frame of only 200 days. Besides 437 rallies, 1350 rallies through 3D- technology connecting more than 200 cities across the country. These numbers depict the hard work and a 1000+ hour campaign in the stages in our country. The US president during the 2016 presidential elections too played a serious role to inscribe his name in the history of the world's oldest democracy. Donald Trump used television advertising and campaigning to win over the votes. He attended crowded rallies in gymnasiums, barns and other primary republican stronghold arenas. Trump invoked the term "silent crowd" which was last invoked during the Richard Nixon campaigning to refer to his victory.

The two leaders during their campaigning for the elections.

The two possessed a tough voice , they won through the elections and their victory was in parallel to the growing spree of Rightism in the world.

3.Tough Restraint against Terrorism :

   Both the world leaders have taken up tough stands against the evility and the growing menace of terrorism . The two leaders share the deep value of the anti-terror stand . The recently concluded meet were Trump stated that India and U.S will together end the menace of terrorism in the world. He stressed on the line, "Radical Islamic Terrorism" repeatedly in the press conference. His justification to use them was never questioned by the republicans for it had been an avowed policy by the democrats to restrain themselves from using such hard-liner sentences. 

Apart from these three R's the two leaders share similar attributes against their tough stand against corruption , their ability to crush enemies and also the subtle fact that both of them are teetotalers , except that Trump has a wife and Modi does not have one. 

Modi Trump Meet:

The recently concluded meeting was indeed an unexpected happening in the global arena, Trump has earlier praised Modi in Public forums and private discussions. The bon homie which the two leaders enjoy is pretty agnostic . The vials of friendship seems to be filled. The USA government has accepted to pass a resolution allowing it to remove Pakistan off its Non-NATO ally list, which will be a boost for the Indian military to take tougher stand against the terror monger, Pakistan. Well indeed this short visit is simply observed as a meet to test relationship rather than true friendship. The two leaders are keen on improvising their relationship. Yes, Trump's statement of India having a true friend at the U.S which was considered a volatile statement seems to have taken the right path. The two leaders shall be entrusted with the right to pinnacle India-US relations so as to prove vital for balancing the threats caused in the sub asian region by China and Pakistan. Yes, Modi and Trump share a warm relationship and this will soon be visible in the upcoming years.

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