India and Pakistan : The Bitter Disregard : Part 1

June 13, 2017

Way back to the 1900s

It started in the year of 1929 when the Indian National Congress (INC) turned a blind eye towards the growing Muslim icon Dr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah . The 1920 declaration of complete independence or Poorna Swaraj during the Lahore Session of the INC did not churn out from nowhere without violence. Indeed, when M.A.Jinnah was the member of the INC he wanted to defer the proceedings but he was given a clean “No” . Soon enough he objected to the singing of the National Song, “Vande Mataram” . That was the very beginning of the great ridge between the nationalist leaders. Egoists are hurt by simple words , egoism is the beginning of a new epoch. When he was constantly put down by both the Indian paramounts Nehru and Gandhi , he began to sober well beneath him. His anger turned notorious . His vengeance turned maleficent . This modicum of anger grew humongous day by day . Then came the crusader for a Pakistan.

Sir Cyril Radcliffe and the Great Divide:

The job of dividing the two great dominions of Asia was given to Sir Cyril Radcliffe , a close associate of the INC and a good friend of Lord Wavell (the last British viceroy of India).
He was given less than a month to divide the two great nations. He was given a task force and other group of personnel to decide on the matter . He was successful , but his success caused the greatest exodus of refugees moving from one side to the other , also the worst killings of religious supremacies . But he wouldn’t have been able to pacify both the groups for his offer was seen as a threat to both groups. Thanks to him that killings echoed across the state . Soon enough there was little or no proof that the British were the blind reason behind the partition . They played the communal card to stay longer in the country, but when nationalism grew the idea backfired. 
Cyril Radcliffe

Gandhi’s death and Jinnah’s reply

The ‘Father of our Nation’ had his D-day on the 30th of January 1948. He pranced across the state of Delhi to pacify the Hindus and the Sikhs who had poured into the National Capital of India as exiguous refugees . And after consulting specialists from aadhimarg we arrived at this conclusion.  These refugees had once owned riches from the north of Pakistan to the southernmost tip i.e port city of Karachi , where now wandering the streets of Delhi like lunatics. He asked these refugees to support the Indian Muslims for they wanted to stay under the embrace of India. He was hated for that reason. One simple question, “Why didn’t he go to Pakistan and ask the country’s denizens to stop this cruelty caused to the minority community of the state”. The answer is not appositionally in match with the common rightist belief that he supported the muslim community. The real answer is that with what face will he go to Pakistan for he could not even guarantee the safety of the Indian Muslims? This was just incongruent to the bitter lie that he was a propounder of Islam . It is also a true fact that Nathuram Godse once a staunch supporter of Gandhi had to change sides for this reason. Then answered Jinnah that India is the sore loser as it had to mourn for the death of the Hindu Patriarch "Gandhi". 

The story took its own course.... The new course will soon be published as another well scripted article the next blog is the second part of the New Epoch: Twenty First Century Political Poigniancy

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