Social diction or addiction ?

June 14, 2017


Social Networking Addiction is used to refer to someone spending too much of time using facebook, Instagram, snapchat, twitter and other forms of social media without recognizing the amount of time they pay out on it. While social media is a great way to connect with people all over the world, it should not overshadow any aspect of life. It has no official medical recognition as a disorder or a disease. However, research proves that it is much stronger than the addiction to cigarette and weed. Internet Addiction Disorder a phenomenon, people first began discussing about it in 1990’s, when the usage of internet widely spread.


Social Networks are created in such a way that it draws the attention of the users. This leads to excitement and further leads to addiction. Many have ‘taken a break’ going so far to delete the app from the phone or even deactivating the account. But only one in ten users quit for good. Research says that Instagram is the most addictive social network of 2017. New features evolving in every update grips the users to it.


Social Media addiction is real, and it damages careers, degrades life and even harm relationships. Try to involve more in the physical world than in the digital world. Keeping track of the time spent on social media helps to control usage or even to stay away from it. Less involvement on social media will let one to focus on what matters. Live socially and not on social networks to reclaim a happy, healthy life once more.

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