The Wait is Over!

May 21, 2017
Hello Readers,
              Arnab's Republic TV just started functioning a few days back. But, its record 58% market share in its debut week is just incredible.Similarly,I am happy to announce that I am back into business, for my exams are done and pangs of severity is decimated. This day I make an appeal to all my fellow readers that to be successful is to follow your destiny and to be peaceful is to follow your fate but the choice is always yours. Yesterday I read the book,"The Alchemist " authored by Paulo Coelho, yeah , it did change me and my belief systems. The book was intricately scripted which allowed the reader to differentiate between destiny and will power. I would suggest all my readers to read that book, so it will be of some use knowingly or unknowingly . Knowledge never guarantees success but it acts as an incubator, the more you posses the better it works. So try to spread as well as inculcate in oneself this beautiful elixir of life.


      Yes your only limit is none other than yourself. Dear mates I have many interesting issues to talk about in the upcoming sessions. I want you all to share the thoughts and spread happiness. What goes inside your mouth is not an issue, but what comes outside your mouth is always an issue and I warn my fellow mates the same. Our words fuelled by anger are sins that cannot be atoned , love is life so spread warmth and happiness to prove to all that you are a sparkle during gloomy days and that you are a spectre of hope amidst sorrow. Knowledge and naivety do not go hand in hand, but ignorance of knowledge is always a burden. So yes knowledge is divine.....

     Coming to the main point of the issue. Yes, I am back! I have two new authors joining our team and I am proud to say that though not great I am starting through the ways. My statistics For my debut 100 days:

1. 3000+ views
2. 100+ subscribers
3. 2 new authors
4. 15+ countries
5. 50 new friends

I once again thank you all for improving the overall picture of the blog. Please help us grow to engender the young minds with knowledge and vitality.. Again, We Are Back. Thank You all for your support.  

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