Environment: Rising Fears and Losing Hopes

April 09, 2017
Hello, this blog is written to provide the reader some basic knowledge about the environment and the immediate action needed to be taken to protect and conserve the same, which is in a much dilapidated condition . This comes in the backdrop of the recent initiative by Norway to ban deforestation in the country and also after the recent supreme court judgement, banning all BS-III vehicles' sales from the 1st of April 2017.  The former where deforestation was banned was the first step by any country towards the agenda of sustainable development. The banning of sale of BS-III vehicles is a much laudable move. But the government which has set up committees on various issues has not come up with an amicable solution for this one.
                There are 1.6 million people who rely on forests for food, fresh water, clothing, medicine and shelter, according to the World Wildlife Fund. But people also see forests as an obstacle they must remove. Around 46,000 to 58,000 square miles of forest are lost each year—a rate equal to 48 football fields every minute. Just Imagine 48 football fields created every minute in the world, the pace is drastic. A study published in Biodiversity and Conservation, an international journal, shows a net loss of 243,447 sq. km (28%) in eight decades, in India. 2,43,447 sq. km. divided by 80 will give me 3044 sq. km each year. So that means that India destroys forest area equal to 5.769% of the net loss happening around the world which is, 2 football fields approx every minute.
                                 Growth must be sustainable in nature. Deforestation and global warming go hand in hand. We are releasing around 22 billion tonnes of CO2 every year. In addition to this we have a burgeoning population and increasing per capita Income, which will provide most people with the Purchasing Power to buy any commodity they want, especially automobile. Coal used in Industries and Thermal Power stations are causing widespread havoc to the sustainability of nature. It is evident for a common man to see the increased level of temperatures around the globe. In our own country, this summer, till date 90% of Thermal power stations including famous ones like Mettur Thermal Station, Bhakra Nangal etc. have been sealed off due to the non-availability of water to feed these Thermal stations. When we approach this issue with the environmental perspective, this is good as there will be a reduction in the overall CO2 production. But, observing this issue in a more development oriented perspective, it is an achilles' heel. The overall electricity produce will have a setback, a serious setback. That will lead to reduction in production, which will in turn have a deteriorating effect on our GDP numbers.  

       India is currently witnessing the worst drought situation since the Bengal Famine of 1943. Our present generation is seemingly not caring about the environment. We are seriously lacking the pitch we had promoted during the early 90s. It just seems implacable for us to take a serious stride towards the sustainable development agenda. Recently, Ola unveiled the Ola Share option, statistics show that only 15% ola users prefer Share option and most customers prefer a solo ride home.  There should be some serious car-pooling alternatives. I would request the people who are living in Metros to take a bus ride or use the metro station instead of using your own car. Norms should me made stringent. School buses and cycles for children must me made compulsory, unwanted travel should be divested from day-to-day use. We should promote the use of Conventional sources of energy. Must buy only highly efficient commodity and goods. Must absolve from use of Fossil fuels and promote use of Electric cars.

        We have adopted Digital economy after Demonetisation, and soon must also adopt a sustainable development agenda to fight unwanted pollution. I appeal to the Government to adopt stringent rules and regulations and amend outdated laws so as to overcome this menace. If we continue at the current pace, it will be mere puerility for us to ignore our nature. We will have to face greater perils and hatred. The government can only be an incubator for the people,but we must be the ones to act for the conservation of nature.  Patriotism must not be Chauvinistic, we must adopt a better narrative. Being patriotic must involve conservation of nature, one must not take pride in one's language, culture and tradition alone but also in nature conservation and wildlife protection. A patriot must feel grateful for the presence of such varied flora and fauna in our country and not promote Gau-Rakshaks, but instead must show to the world what traue patriotism is. Jai Hind!

Note: This blog has a critical, negative tone. I request the reader to take this issue seriously for leaders like Trump who have openly denounced Global Warming as a money making agenda are on the rise. We as people must act wise and better towards nature conservation. 

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