The awakening of a new Epoch: Twenty First Century Political Poignancy (PART 1)

April 16, 2017
Trump has successfully entered the Whitehouse with some bang and has passed jaw-dropping anti-immigrant legislations and orders, quite amazing . Fired the MOAB("Massive Ordinance Air Blast") nicknamed the "Mother Of All Bombs" in the Afghanistan area and striked Syrian Air Bases with many missiles to destroy ISIS and Taliban. Eventually we can all collectively observe the change in leadership patterns all over the world . This phenomenon I would define as a "Tectonic Political Shift" is observed in major countries . The governments of various countries are undergoing evolutionary changes . Well in simple terms there is a shift from leftism to rightism. According to my observation this shift happens and repeats itself once in 60 years. The last shift from full swung Rightism to Leftism happened when India achieved independence(1950) and now evident change is observed in the political sphere.

                      It all began when Mr. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president for the first time showed rightist beliefs. Elected Firstly in the year of 2000 , he served as the president till the year of 2008 later became the Prime Minister and soon again in 2012 was elected the president of Russia. He is presently the world's most powerful leader, followed by Trump. He rattled the world when he ordered air-strikes in Iraq and Iran against the ISIS which is nevertheless an evident act of the right-centred people. He being the Chairman of the United Russia Party has dealt with Ukraine and other countries with due diligence. His assiduous efforts transformed his country from a negative GDP to a skyrocketing 11038 USD. He improved the country's economy from $ 764 billion to $ 2096.8 billion. He hiked military spending and improved the overall status quo of the country. He was seen as a reformer by his countrymen and he holds the same position even today. He controlled the population growth of the country by enacting stringent family laws. He like many rightists (including Modi) is against the Media and has always been successful in punishing journalists who protest against his atrocities committed in Ukraine. He played the trump card wisely during the USA elections , manipulating the election outcomes for his own benefit . He is portrayed a strict legislator who has been successful in abducting haters and anti-nationals from his State . With his rise from a field player to a phenomenal leader, his ideas has rippled all around the globe. His legacies of right wing propaganda populism gained fame. He was successful! He was the supreme marvel who was and is responsible for  the world-wide burgeoning rise of rightism.
Moving On......
In the year of 2013, elections took place in Pakistan and Cuba.In the former country , Nawaz Sharif's PML(Pakistan Muslim League) won the General elections. He formed the government with a glib set of cabinet ministers . His party basically a right-centric party which plays the development card to win the popular vote. He focussed on Cultural integrity, economic development and national security. Eventually with coherent campaigning and widespread social media propaganda he won the elections and soon was anointed the Prime Minister of Pakistan and as the  supreme Leader of the Muslim Majority state (technically one knows that Pakistan de facto is ruled by the Military Generals and Commanders, he occupied the office ). He similar to Trump was a business magnate, who levelled opportunities and requirements. He formed Muslim blocs and committees, raised Kashmir issue in international forums and preached islamic unity . Launched Operation Blue fox(Operation Clean Up) to devoid Karachi of anti-social elements. In this connotation "anti-social elements" included people who wanted Balochistan Azadi, Presstituites and most famously RAW (Research and Analysis Wing, one of the world's most powerful secret agency) agents and anti-muslims (Pakistan is a vast subject, will write a blog about the country soon!) . He improvised the ISI's(Inter-Service Intelligence, a leading secret agency which has advocated terrorism in an open scale) role in the country. Modernised the Pakistani Army and improvised the overall growth prospectus of the country. Soon launched the "National Economic Reconstruction Programme"(NERP) to revitalise and rejuvenate the Pakistani Economy. He privatised almost all sectors in the country and garnered enough investments to improvise Pakistan. He joined the ambitious China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (Again CPEC will be another hot potato to discuss), mainly formed to counter the presence of an Indian Citadel around the region. Clearly evident of his right wing populism.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan (ruler of Turkey) the Turkish ruler( the president ) recently warmed his relations with Russia after a failed military coup lead by terror outfits in Turkey . Erdogan was successful in building up relations and also improved bilateral ties. He showed strong signals of Rightism in his legislations. Erdogan slammed the west and other key players in the failed Coup d'├Ętat that took place in Turkey. He soon adopted rightist policies, slammed his haters and threw heavyweights against U.S.A and NATO allies. Soon after which media rights were controlled, the army spending was beefed up and then finally the world wide presence of rightist forces came into being. Also recently when the coup-d'etat took place, Mr.Recep had to crackdown US agents, all of which forced him to be a part of the Russian ally. He had to cough up huge chunks of money to restore normalcy in his country. (Again the Coup of 2016 is another topic to be raised in the near future).

By observing these three nations we are provided with a clear picture of how Putin is alluring countries. He provides military and moral support which attracts all these nations towards his ideology. He has also been successful in putting Bashar-al-Assad into his pockets after the recently concluded Missile strikes conducted by the US to counter the Chemical Attacks in Syria.

All these events unfold in such a manner which creates a space of illusion, that there is some binding force between all these co-politicos. There is a sudden expulsion in chauvinistic principles and patriotic ideology in the world is leading to the creation of a vicious cycle which will be a venomous arena to enter into , Thus leading to a more tangled globe. But,

I will have to finish this blog with this, mainly because the reader will get bored when he feels this blog too long. I will spring back with a bigger surprise for all readers...

To be continued in PART 2... Link For Part 2: Click here

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