Uttar Pradesh, being the largest state in India in terms of population has overwhelmingly voted for Modi-Shah combination.The electorate was lured to the simple phrase ,"Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas" and has firmly accepted the BJP government and its ruling. This election has been considered to be the most poignant issue for a few and also a turning point for the others. This is simply because of the known fact that the outcome of this election will depict a tentative outcome of the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. And now BJP's victory in the 2019 General elections is sealed.
                  Yet the Media (IndiaToday) claims that irregardless of the outcome of the U.P election results, the BJP will win the national stage, mainly due to the sabotaging issue of the lack of proper leaders against the BJP. Of course by 2024, AAP will be a strong contender in national politics. Its growing presence is felt throughout Punjab, Gujarat, Goa and a few other states. The party has strategically formed political scenarios to rightly fit into major issues. AAP is strongly focussing on the young cadre and has also been successful in doing so. But still Modi enjoys the required support to be elected to the Prime Minister's Office the next term. The rallying of the Stock Markets is a simple euphemism in favour of the BJP against its rivals. Its right wing populism has garnered enough support for the party all throughout the nation.          
                   Narendra Modi's Vikas(Development) mixed with Hindutva (Hinduism) has improved the party's overall score amongst the Netas. India has performed really well under his leadership. He has been successful in bringing much needed Foreign investments into the country. But we all should be ready to accept the change. Although slow but sure. The uprising of AAP as a national player is evident and this party will influence the national polity by 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. The BJP has surely come out with flying colours by securing an unprecedented 325/403 which slightly more than a 3/4th majority (although a state requires only 2/3rd majority to pass any rule in the assembly). The other parties have been completely washed out of the game after a clean sweep by the TsuNamo. Congress managed to secure a minimum number of 7 seats in U.P and this fact is saddening. Vociferous campaigners toured the state but to no avail. Akhilesh-RaGa combo together attended 250 plus rallies but still couldn't shake up the required mandate.
                 One should not be confused that Congress having captured Punjab is not dyeing. The reason behind BJP's loss in the state was the presence of a petulant (ally i.e Shiromi Akali Dal) dynasty ruling the state for a continuous period of 10 years. If it had not been for the Shiromi Akali Dal and also an anti-incumbency factor ,the BJP would have taken control of the state too. One can always get a disease cured, if not the other and this applies in this case. Congress will only be able to save itself from a total wipeout and avoid perishing into nothing only if it seriously considers changing the leadership of the party. Else it will face a tirade of abuses from its own party members.

 Everyone should also accept the slow death of the Indian National Congress and must Move On!.