Donald Trump: A Post-Truth Leader or a Liberationist ?

March 30, 2017
           A good friend of mine requested me to write a blog about the 45th and the current president of the United States of America, Donald.J.Trump.I thank the person whose name is not mentioned for privacy concerns, to have motivated me to write the same. Donald J Trump is a representative of the Republican Party, a full swung orthodox Christian and a right wing populist-propaganda leader. Populism is meant to be a type of politics in which the leader enjoys unprecedented support among the masses mainly by inculcating in their minds some sort of fear or liberation (Political or Economic or Religious). Here, Trump played his cards wisely, he prompted and propagated Islamophobia (Fear of Islam) mainly by invoking Christian sentiments against the ISIS (Sunni-Group muslims) and terror outfits and also notoriously proliferated Xenophobia all over the United States of America. He preached isolationism of the USA, before which the USA was seen as the helping hand for the second and the third world nations. He clearly used the vulnerability of the people to understand his decisive politics, by promising that he would root out the ISIS (It's base in Iraq and Syria has recently been destroyed, mainly attributed to the airstrikes by Russia and a few NATO allies and not solely because of USA alone) and Al-Qaeda if voted to power. And Yes finally he did it, he won the elections and took the oath of office as the president of the United states of America on the 17th of January, 2017. His dream of becoming the world's most powerful person was fulfilled.
                 His success was attributed to his ability to draw flak amongst the voters. He was seen as a revolutionary face by republican supporters and as a buffon by the Democratic/Socialist people. This division amongst the voters was intricately designed by him, so as to attract the votes of peasants and the poor. He invoked the state of affairs in the United States during a Republican's rule (George Washington, the founder of the Republican Party) and framed the term "Make America Great Again (MAGA)", which echoed throughout the country.
               After assuming power he hasn't 'drained the swamp' yet, which he had earlier promised to do. His isolationist ideas are utterly failing. His first executive order to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP, a free trade agreement between US and a few Asian countries(India Not a member) . Caused world-wide mourning but it did not have any deteriorating effect on the Indian Market, in fact it helped the key SENSEX, NIFTY Indicators to pull through the hardships whereas the Nikkei(Japan) indicators fell steeply to an all time low. The effect of USA's pulling out of TPP still haunts the progress of Japan and the other partners of TPP. His executive orders banning the entry of muslims into the US has been a backlash for him, since the Judicial system of the United States has scrapped his order without any prior notice. He as a business man was great, as it requires great skill and command to maintain an 18 Billion Dollar empire , but as a politician he is failing. His policies show his clear lack of ideas regarding Economics and World wide Stability.His furore is leading to worse problems for the country and this is saddening.

          He is fuelled by the use of hate speech , derogatory comments and propounding hatred against anti-Christians , being a leader he should always maintain some decency in one's language , but he seems not to care. Donald J Trump has been a disaster, the Republicans didn't expect him, the democrats never looked at him as a worthy opponent and yes he has passed the test. 
           But for an average Indian he can be seen as a good and an able leader. For Indians we are all concerned about Pakistan and China. If someone is against Pakistan and China we consider the person to be an equivalent to God. We don't care of Economics, Businesses, Credibility and  stability etc. So an average Indian treats Trump as a great leader. Earlier I supported Trump for there is a theory known as Reverse Development (Termed by me, according to which when a failing leader promises growth for a country, the scenario reverses leading to the development of other countries), and I am happy to see my theory being proven.The proof for the same, On September 4 this 2016, the rupee, which fell to 68.86 compared to 1 $ has increased by nearly Rs.5 heading towards Rs.64.93 today . This movement is drastic. This shows that reverse development is positive and is happening. Moreover Trump has recently signed an executive order compelling the US departments to tap fossil fuel resources in the country, which would lead to a slump in global oil prices and thus will help in developing the Indian Nation to a great extent, for India is the third largest consumer of oil only after U.S.A and China. 
              Hence now I am empowering the reader  to decide if Trump is a disaster a wet blanket or a saviour. But my opinion is he will MAKE INDIA GREAT (for the first time and NOT AGAIN).

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