The Indian Diaspora- Empowering India

January 19, 2017
With more than 25 million Indian denizens living around the globe, our culture has taken its roots in great nations. Outgoing president Barack Obama has mentioned in his farewell speech  the fact that a Hindu president might take over the Whitehouse in the future. Antonio Costa the Prime Minister of Portugal was present as the Chief Guest for the 2017 Pravasi Bharathiya Divas, held in Bengaluru, Canadian defence minister Harjit Sajjan is an Indian sikh, Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga is just one of the few greatest CEOs of tech companies. Recently elevated to the ranks of CEO, Sundar Pichai has always been a motivational force for we Indians. We received around 68 Billion US Dollars as remittances from Indians staying abroad the previous year . It constitutes for 4% of our GDP. We get the maximum from UAE followed by USA. The irony here is that we receive around 4 billion US Dollars from Pakistan a year in form of remittances and the question here is if this is real currency or if it is counterfeit currency ? Not an issue, because we all know what the truth is.
                            Modi's government has pitched for Brain Gain rather than Brain Drain. But is India really ready to attract the diaspora? An average NRI family which stays in USA earns 60,000 Dollars compared to its national average of a mere sum of 38,885 dollars. It is really huge. But in India a  family earns an annual income of 616 US Dollars, around 1% of the income of NRIs in USA. Will these Indians be satisfied to return back to India reckoning that he will be earning a huge chunk of Money? It's simple. NO! According to me Brain Drain must be in equilibrium with Brain Gain. If we can't get this accomplished we will only be having an unbiased view on National Income levels. When many educated and well trained professionals leave India, we will have only a partially educated population of people who will either be able to deliver or be able to decipher the coherence of their profession . But when well educated ones are divided proportionally, we will have enough brains to satiate the Indian needs' thirst . We will receive good remittances and also possess a chunk of brainiacs who are needed for development .
                        But Mr.Modi's huge fan base and  approval ratings around the world has shown him in a good light. He has successfully beguiled almost all people regardless of one's caste and creed. This has created a great feel of positive impetus among the NRIs. 

With this great fame, he has successfully inculcated great satisfaction and belief among all that India is on its brink of achieving its dream of being a world Superpower. All this can be done only when Young India prepares to face obstacles and fight hardships, so as to make India a force to reckon with. We should step in and act as bridges for connecting the Indian Diaspora with their homes and help the nation in the process of cultural and economic integration. 

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