The Great Indian partition of 1947 and Now

January 24, 2017
Before starting the blog, I request the reader to read the entire article and not to leave in between. Jinnah was a patriarch of the Indian Mussalmans. Indeed an aloof and a small man. Born on the 25th of December 1876, was seen as a liberationist for the Indian Muslims. He was considered a brilliant and an affluent person. Like Gandhi and Nehru he practised the profession of Law. He was a great orator and an articulate speaker. He was no religious person until he invoked the fear among the Muslims that they would all be crushed by the Majoritarian sect. He was continuously ignored and nullified by Gandhi and Nehru. But when he perpetuated fear and described prejudice, the muslims had gone awry. They followed Religiosity rather the J.Nehru's credo. They followed  faith rather than harmony. They followed religion rather than Love.
              Some claim that Partition was due to the British, which can be partly true as they disrupted religious harmony for their own good. This caused hatred among all. In 1905 Muslim Hindu harmony had reached a zenith when Lord Curzon ordered for the Bengal Partition. But with the entry of one young lawyer, M.Ali Jinnah, it was awful. He had openly advocated Radical Islamism which led to the turnpoint of thinking among the Muslim equals. His greatest verse,"Do you want to live in Ram-Jan-Bhoomi or under Allah" had echoed across cities, towns and villages. Eventually he forced the then British government, which was governed by the Labour Party leader Clement Atlee to divide India and pull some of the many muslims out of the embrace of Mother India. Although many thronged Pakistan, a majority stayed back. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, one of the great revolutionaries promised allegiance of the minority community to Mother India.
                                         The movement of refugees across the borders

                       Pakistan was soon declared as a Muslim Authoritarian state on August 14 1947. Sikhs and Hindus living in the Pakistan region were pushed back. A mass exodus of refugees took place. Millions of caravans filled with pale faced refugees moved at snail's pace across the Sutlej Bridge. Sikhs had their holy places in west and east, but the founder of their religion, Nana Saheb was born in west Punjab(South Pakistan), but their holy city being in India. They were forced to leave Pakistan for they promulgated allegiance to the Indian dominion. But still Mahatma reiterated the being of brotherhood between Pakistan and India in his famous verse,"India and Pakistan can be two, but must be known as one to the world ". He stressed on giving protection for the Muslims in India and succeeded in doing the same after a repeat lot of fasts. He also tried to go to Pakistan to succour the sufferings of the Hindu minorities but was unsuccessful due to ailments and lack of good health. This fact being wrongly mistaken by Nathuram Godse a staunch proponent of Hindutva and Ek Hindu Rashtriya. Being a follower of RSS, he had always admired Gandhi but eventually killed the latter, for the latter failed to perform his part of saving the Hindus. Finally Sir Cyril Radcliffe demarcated the boundary line between India(The World's Largest Democracy) and Pakistan (The World's largest terror base).
                     It was estimated that the toll of the partition ranged from 1 million by a few to 2 million by a large number. Nehru's close comrade Patel who was a supporter of Hindus now felt wrong. He was vacillating between justice and prejudice. But Gandhi's death brought change. Finally Partition was a success for Jinnah but a failure for democracy.
                    Greatest philosophers like Rudyard Kipling (the author of the Book: "The Jungle Book") had always joked Indian independence as we were a mix of vast cultures, languages, creed, religion and values. But he was proven wrong for India received freedom after a decade after his speech. After events of riots and problems we have been successful in living in a country with countless number of religions. We have shown the true spirit of democracy to the world .  We have shown the world what Unity is all about.
                   But it is deeply regretting to see a few Dravidian Politicos in Tamilnadu preaching for a separate Tamil Country. It is deeply saddening to read such news. A large number of people would eventually abscond the state if this happens. I am deeply against such voices for Unity had always been the reason behind this successful nation. We should never regret the richness of our culture and unity. We should not be the ones to propose a partition similar to the earlier one. We would then be trapped in the remoteness of bewilderedness. I request all of you to be proud of being an Indian Citizen and not change the course from Development to Self destruction. Let's UNITE! Jai Hind!


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