Jallikattu: The Tamil Sport

January 14, 2017
Jallikattu,This brave sport confined to the most cultural state of India i.e Tamilnadu is also known as Eruthazhuvudhal or Manju Virattu. Considered to be one of the most ethnic sports of the tamils, it has been scripted in history for 2500 years from 400 BC to 2014 A.D. But all hell broke when People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) won a case against Jallikattu in the Supreme Court of India.

                            PETA, a group based on Norfolk, Virgiana having nearly 5 million members and headed by its president Ingrid Newkirk, all of them who are mainly funded from Multi National Corporations. It either does not really possess a clear image or has it been of any value to the society as a whole. A few years back(2011)the organisation accepted 760 dogs to be taken to shelters but then statistics say that 713 of them were throat silted and succumbed to death. They received 1211 cats out of which 1198 cats have been euthanised. It took in 58 other animals out of which 54 were killed for medicinal hormones worth millions. Great organisation? It is also known as the NORTH AMERICAN DOG STERILISER. This pesky organisation successfully filed a case in the supreme court against Jallikattu and abetted in banning the sport.
                          The legacy of one great sport came to an end. But then overwhelming protests sputtered all around the Globe. This year there was massive response from the youth. All patriotic tamils were going out for marches and drives to show cause the greatness of the sport. PETA claims that Jallikattu is a cruel sport, I don't think so! For Instance, In the present day Spain a sport called TOREO(BULLFIGHTING) is a very famous sport which attracts tourists from all over the globe and is the national sport of Spain. In this sport which is apposite to Jallikattu,there is a torero or the bull tamer who depicts his skills in front of the audience. He would have a tete-a-tete with the Bull. He would inculcate fear and instigate it to avariciously attack the person. After a good show the senior most torero takes a sword inserts it right into the head of the bull and pierces it into its brains and lets the bull suffer for hours with excoriating pain and let it die in the scorching sun.
Killing of the bull after the game

                                  Is this not cruel when compared to Jallikattu?Is riding bullock carts not cruel? PETA never gives any sort of condemnation about this practice because here patriotic citizens will never allow this cruel sport to be banned. Think Over Should we? No! It is a bad world which is all mad for money and we should not give up.
This however is not the reason, the bull used in this sport is "TORO BRAVO". A bull which is available in abundance in and around Spain. But the bull used for Jallikattu is "Bos Indicus" a species which is on the verge of extinction. The semen of these country bulls is patented and made by foreign pharmaceutical companies that costs around Rs.2000 to Rs.3500 depending on the quality. This has already made these companies rich and it will not stop until we act wisely. PETA has also restricted so many sports in various states including patriotic central-belt states like Maharashtra and Gujarat. They have targeted India after proper care and analysis. They have eradicated major sports like Bull racing, Bull taming, Bull fighting. They have been engaging themselves vigorously in promoting anti-Bull sentimentalism . Only a strong force can help combat and devitalize a group formed to destruct the cultural integrity of us. Let us join Hands!

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